PolyPid is a R&D company that has developed and patented an innovative platform for a therapeutic system which has the ability to control the release of therapeutic agents over prolonged periods of time (up to several moths).This platform answers a variety of unmet medical needs by fusing two known local drug delivery systems: Polymers and Lipid based systems.

The PolyPid technology platform enables the entrapment of a large variety of one or more biologically active molecules, and their release at a pre-programmed rate near the target. Following administration, each type of the entrapped drug is released according to the pre-determined and desired clinical rate, during a period that can be set ranging from several days to several months.

The feasibility of the technology has been demonstrated in vitro by using different drugs, as well as by the development of different medical solutions. One of the most advanced products is intended for the treatment of chronic and acute deep bone infections (biofilms). Pre-clinical proof-of-concept in orthopaedic applications of bone infections has been completed. Data from the preclinical studies will be used for the BALI project.