Madam Therapeutics

Madam Therapeutics is a young biotech startup (founded in April 2011) with access rights to a new class of antibiotics we call ‘cidins’. The goal for the company is to develop innovative solutions to combat infectious diseases, and more specific to develop sustainable, pragmatic solutions to overcome issues of bacterial resistance.. The company has been designed following a virtual development team structure: we have top-level project and program management in-house as well as business development and licensing, but outsource all other activities. By working with highly experienced, top-class contract research and contract manufacturing organizations we can keep development timelines as short as possible, bringing new products to patients as fast as possible. This model ensures a cost effective and fast development without the burden of unnecessary overhead, costs of owning and maintaining laboratories etc.

The 2 founders of Madam Therapeutics have a combined track record in clinical research and drug development for over 30 years, and have operational and business expertise in this area, as well as specific expertise in development of anti-infectives.